Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hem and Haw

I fear that the tailor has lost it's allure.

In an economy where people are feeling the pinch of salary cuts, it's fair to ask for clothing that fits off the rack. Let me be honest with you, it's usually a gift from the fashion gods when this happens. Pants that are the right length. Tops that hit you at the right point on your hip. Dresses that highlight your best figure flattering aspects.

So, what do you do when you find a fabulous item, but it's slightly too big here, or too long there, or too tight there?

You go to a good tailor.

And you smile at the investment you just made in your item.

See, I discovered with my friend Susan a really great tailor in Belmont, MA who simply did the FASTEST quality work I have ever experienced. (Literally, she brought in jeans to be hemmed, and 10 minutes later, she had a perfectly shortened pair of jeans in hand). And the prices were unbelievably competitive for the Boston area.

So if you live in metro west: go here. She's worth the effort.

hemmingway: tailoring & alterations
597 School Street
Belmont, MA
jinnie lee (owner & seamstress)

So quit your hemming and hawing: Just go! Spend the $15 to get that clothing item to fit well. You'll wear it longer and with more enthusiasm. To me, that's worth every penny!


  1. I agree that you should do what's necessary to have your clothes fit well... I typically have to determine whether its worth the extra cost to have the item "adjusted" before I buy it because tailors in LA are expensive. I once made the mistake of buying on sale work pants that were lined and needed some "adjustments"... the tailoring cost more than I paid for the pants!

  2. I have seen enough "What Not to Wear" episodes and "Tim Gunn's guide to Style" to know that as Americans, we need LESS in our closets -- fewer pieces that are really well made and worth getting tailored b/c you'll have them for a long time. When I am done w/ this pregnancy and at a weight i am happy with, I am doing an overhaul of my closet. I will only buy a few pieces - but they will be fabulous and quality material. And yes, i'll go to a tailor to make them fit fabulously! - lisa