Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here's the Skinny

Slim leg.
Skinny fit.

Have you seen these names before? Believe it or not, they all refer to a particular fit of jeans...which are making a HUGE comeback. If you are old enough to remember the 80s, you know that the slim fit jean (I'll refer to all of them with this name) is no "new" trend. In fact, "they" say if you are old to enough to have worn them the first time, it's safe to say, you shouldn't wear them now!

I think the slim fit jean has a place in the style world. This jean fits shapely through the hips and thighs, and then tapers in to fit the leg. It should hit just below your ankle.

But it should be noted: wearing this jean takes honest evaluation of one's body type. Steer clear of this fashion trend if:
  • You carry weight in your thighs. The slim fit jean is designed to hug this area and keep an elongated look to the floor.
  • You are uncomfortable wearing snug clothing. These jeans cannot fit loosely; they are supposed to fit close to the body.
But if you're in...keep these tips in mind to snag the best pair:
  • At least 1% or 2% lycra or some kind of spandex to keep the shape close to your body.
  • Dark denim- without the distressed look. The more uniform the color, the longer your body appears.
  • They also look best with ballet flats or tucked smoothly into tall riding boots. A very Audrey Hepburn look :)
  • They are also perfect to accompany a tunic or long cardigan sweater (with a waist-cinching belt of course!)
  • I happen to like this pair from Ann Taylor LOFT.
Perhaps you will learn to love them!

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