Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hand-le with Care

One of the things I love most about fall weather is that I can wear great fall colors of nail polish!

Open any magazine these days, and there are so many new colors to choose from, which thankfully give us a new approach to the season. For those in Texas who are blessed enough to have an Ulta (this great beauty supply store- somewhat like a Sephora, but no where near as expensive), I have stumbled upon several terrific fall colors. And since nail polish is likely to last only a week without chipping, why not shake things up and try something different!

My favorite brands are definitely O.P.I. and Essie. And while my loyalty usually is to O.P.I., I have been pleasantly surprised to find several Essie colors worth raving about. Perhaps you'll try them!

Steel-ing the Scene
: a subtle, yet metallic wonder. It has a pewter-esque look to it that I adore!
Over the Top: PERFECT for fall, almost grey, almost metallic, very deep and looks great on fair skin.
Raisinnuts: A really lovely blend of creamy red/pink that looks like a winter festival!
Sheer Bliss: This has been a fan favorite of mine for years. It just has the sweetness of pink, with the creamy white of winter. So lovely!

I also stumbled upon two colors that appear to be discontinued, but if you happen upon them- it'll be hard to resist: Sag Harbor (think subtle, serene harbor water) and Private Bash (think party ready! Perfect blend of red and pink.)

So treat your nails a little party and welcome fall with open hands!

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  1. i do love fall colors... pedicure over halloween weekend??