Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I haven't really ever been a huge second hand store shopper. Maybe that's because I simply haven't found the "good ones", until recently! I have to sing the praises of two particular spots in Boston (which have additional locations for my out of state readers) for some terrific finds...

Second Time Around: This terrific designer consignment shop (with locations all up the eastern seaboard and in Illinois) honestly surprises me. I have consigned some of my clothing here (with great success) but also figured out that the Newbury Street location (hello, upper class!) has some terrific merchandise. When I was there last weekend, I came across the classic, khaki Burberry trench coat (normally $1200!) for $250! It fit like a glove, not one stain, so perfect. (And for the record, I did not buy it, but literally convinced the woman next to me to buy it!) So here's my trick, find a locale in an upscale neighborhood. All the best designers are there.

Boomerangs Special Edition: Resale shops can be hit or miss, but this one is just perfect. Located in the South End of Boston, this little treasure boasts all kinds of designer apparel (men and women's) with some terrific trinkets, accessories and even art! I loved the shop clerk, who was honest enough to share with me her opinion about a jacket that was adorable, but just didn't fit me right. Her "two cents" gave her credibility, which in turn made me value the experience that much more. I found designer jeans, an Armani top, and even a fantastic gift for my brother! (all for less than $60!) The best part yet: ALL the proceeds of their sales go to the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

That, friends, just feels like good shopping all around.


  1. my favorite second hand spots are hand-me-downs! the red dress looked super cute on sunday! thanks friend :)

  2. which one did we go to when I was there? I will certainly want to return the next time I visit especially since I won't be sporting a growing belly this time. :)