Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pin Attire

For any sorority girl out there (yes, I admit it, I am), you know what "pin attire" is. I often like to accent an outfit with jewelry or a pin, and with these great new ones I've found- I'm tempted to add them to canvas purses or bags, too! Here's a few of my favorites:

The Lobster Claw (honestly, this is so adorable)
The Sailboat
The Seagull

It seems that LLBean caught onto the same trend as Lands' End Canvas by creating a "signature" line, which looks similar to those nautical, New England styles that are iconic in Maine. I've liked how each of these lines have included some classic summer designs, while adding some spice to traditional wear. The pins above are a great example. Remember, you can add them to any sturdy fabric (steer clear of silks and rayon- you don't want to puncture or tear that). I'm already thinking of how to add the lobster claw to my beach bag...

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