Sunday, June 20, 2010

Undershirts Please!

First off, Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there...and especially to my special pops who has made me a better person.

Several years ago, I was home in Texas helping my mom do laundry, and I came across some of my dad's undershirts to fold. Now, my father is pretty darn good dresser, thanks to his girls, but he never pays attention to brands and especially could care less about where to buy clothing. So you can understand when I nearly fell over when I realized that his undershirts were from... I recall asking my mom, "Since when did Dad buy his undershirts at a quality department store??" Most men buy the 3 pack of Hanes from Target and call it a day. Well, not my dad, and that opened the door to a fabulous little fashion find...

Now living in New England, I notice that men here don't wear undershirts like they do in the south. I'm not sure if it's just out of basic necessity: It's so damn hot down there, the undershirt protects outer clothing from sweat, and it just doesn't get that hot in the north. Or maybe I am biased b/c I grew up knowing all men to wear undershirts with polos, dress shirts, etc. From a fashion perspective, I always thought it looked more clean, put together and polished. With an undershirt, you didn't have to catch a glance of male nipples or hair peeping out...which kind of still makes me cringe.

So, gents listen up: I recognize you go through undershirts (if you wear them) often. But let me give you a little heads up: buy quality cotton that doesn't stretch out or shrink easily. You also want softness- we ladies call it "second skin fabric"- so treat yourself to something comfortable! Now enter the Nordstrom undershirt: Unbelievable quality. My father has been wearing these for years and swears by them. So suck it up, pay the $27.50 for a 3 pack, and you won't think twice about whether it was a good purchase or not. Perhaps a good belated Father's Day gift??

Does this encourage more New England gents to wear an undershirt? This southern girl hopes so!

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