Saturday, June 12, 2010

Show a Little Leg!

Summer weather means we ladies finally show a little leg! (Can you hear the cheering and clapping from the gentlemen?) I'm not one to love wearing shorts- after all, when you get a little older, the upper thigh just doesn't age well. So, whoever invented the Bermuda short should be kissed.

The best part of the Bermuda short (or sometimes called the "walking short") is the length allows for appropriate leg coverage, while there is great versatility in owning a pair. You can wear them casual for a day walking along the beach, an afternoon lunch or even to the office. It's all about the fabric and color combination, and this season, you will see lots of options to choose from.

This is a great pair for a casual afternoon- the subtle pin stripe is adorable! I am showing the back side because it's important to avoid pockets for these shorts. It slims the whole look. Pair it with a polo or embellished t-shirt, a colored sandal (you don't have to wear blue) and you'll look as fresh as a Newport morning!

Or I'm loving the new suiting options for this cut! Talbots got it right by featuring the jacket/short combo with a tailored top for a professional, crisp look. I can just see this with a great neutral heeled sandal (preferably patent leather) and some kind of colored accessory- a necklace, a pin, a great scarf maybe?

However you choose to wear the Bermuda, just remember- it's the perfect way to show a little leg!

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