Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Santana Knit

Well, friends- it's official...I'm working at a lovely little department store (which shall remain nameless per the request of the HR department) where I'm selling St. John. Let me say, after two days of our orientation and training on the registers (thank GOD for a touch screen!), I'm feeling pretty darn excited.

Here's what I learned today: the Santana knit is St. John's signature fabric, which is a careful blend of rayon and wool that has been intricately woven to create this amazing knit that has definite texture, but the softness is to die for. The COOLEST part: no alterations are done as we know it. The knit is "blocked" which means it's steamed at incredibly high temperatures to either shrink the fabric to a smaller size, or stretched to a larger size. One of my new co-workers was telling me this amazing story of a woman who bought a size 12 jacket and had it blocked to a size 16 to fit her perfectly!

I'm definitely looking forward to what else I learn about the product, and maybe I will pique your interest about my designer label! Don't worry...I won't spend all my $$ here :)