Saturday, July 10, 2010

21 + 10...never too old

Now that I'm working in retail, I'm discovering all kinds of little "finds" at a discount. I coveted a co-worker's black blazer with adorable ruffles and the perfect weight for cool indoors (malls are notoriously freezing)...only to find she paid $15 at Forever 21 for it!

I NEVER (and I mean never) wanted to go into that store. It looked like a tween's haven, and believe me, I am long past my tween's. Well, since my co-worker said she was 21 times 2 plus 6...I figured I had a shot to discover something there that wasn't too inappropriate for my age.

I found the $15 jacket (yes!) and came across some other terrific finds- again, remember the quality of these items are what you pay for, but honestly, when you want something that looks nice, but aren't really interested in paying for trends at high prices, Forever 21 has a monopoly on the market.

I adored this jacket, which is reminiscent of some much more expensive St. John...check out the comparison!
And who wouldn't love these gardenia stud earrings that are SO much like Chanel or Kate Spade??Honestly, I'm ok with 21 + 10....


  1. Love it! Perhaps they should consider changing the name of the store so they appeal to those of us who are no longer 21...

  2. i'm so glad you like forever... my girlfriends & i stop in quite frequently, even if it's a bit embarrassing rolling my stroller & 3 month old into the store! the bargains are worth it :)

    have to brag on nordstrom - i bought a necklace there over the holidays and a few of the stones fell out recently. i popped in to see if i could exchange it or buy a new one and the nordy associate found me one online, overnighted it to me for free, and gave me a $50 giftcard (the balance since the necklace was on sale). then, she followed up by mail with a hand-written card! i was so impressed!!