Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrinkle Free Heaven

Recently, my brother and cousin were on the look out for some wrinkle free dress shirts. These are two men who have to wear button downs everyday for their professions, and my brother even has to sport a tie. As I assisted with their purchases, I had a good conversation with these two about the value of the wrinkle free cotton shirt, one that I found insightful and helpful as a personal shopper:
  1. For obvious reasons, they are easy. You wash, you dry, and you hang it up. Done.
  2. The quality of the cotton is thick, which helps make the shirt look sharper (without the added chemical starch).
  3. They come both in button down and non-button down collars- great for the versatility of tie vs. non tie.
  4. As you wear the shirt throughout the day, it doesn't wrinkle. You know that "post car ride wrinkle"- that's why men wear jackets. But with these shirts, it's just not necessary.
Both Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom make a great no iron shirt- I've heard men rave about them for years. And here's a tip, fellas- Brooks Brothers is having their summer clearance NOW- 50% off (so these shirts are $40 now) and Nordstrom is having their Anniversary sale through August 1st...(shirts are also $40).

Wrinkle Free, my brothers!


  1. I thought I was gonna get a tip on wrinkle cream! ;) Love ya! Lyndee

  2. I concur. The Brooks Brothers wrinkle free shirt looks good, lasts forever and is a steal when you don't have to pay for dry-cleaning.

    Spot on again, Texas Transplant.