Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psst...Your Zipper is Showing!

Yes, it's supposed to!

Has anyone else noticed the trend? Exposed zippers on clothing! I love it and have been slowly acquiring great pieces with this fashion forward idea. I'm sure many of you are thinking- "No, no- the zipper isn't supposed to show! It's supposed to be hidden." I did too, initially, but then- you start to see so many fun ways the exposed zipper adds something to the back of a dress, skirt or shirt. Let me show you a few of my favorites:

The Dobby Stripe Silk skirt: I fell in love with this and just had to have it (thanks to the 30% off friends and family discount from last weekend). Again, I loved the pattern and style, then turned it over and saw the ADORABLE exposed back zipper. Done.

Zipper Tank Dress: WOW. Honestly, I am not a big Ann Taylor fan (the LOFT yes, but not the main line) and this dress is really fantastic. The exposed zipper functions almost like a belt breaking up the dress so that a waistline can be created. Brilliant.

And then there was TRUE love. This dress left me practically drooling at the Kate Spade store downtown. I ALMOST bought this full price, and well, friends, patience rewarded me...50% off! Honestly, I couldn't love this dress more.

I realize the exposed zipper isn't exactly earth shattering, but wow- have I found some perfect pieces for the fall by embracing this trend! And the best don't have to worry if your zipper is will DEFINITELY know :)

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  1. I could totally see you in this dress! I love the zipper on the outside thing. so cool. LOVE your creative taglines for your posts. love you. lis