Thursday, August 19, 2010

The No-Show Sock

My brother, an avid runner, was on the fence about whether it's age appropriate for him to wear black athletic socks with his running shoes. He's also a high school teacher, so he's acutely aware of how the "younger fellas" dress, so he was quite perplexed when I told him- ABSOLUTELY!

But there's a few rules, fellas, about the black sock:
  1. They HAVE to be low cut (or no show). Not even a shorter crew works. Trust me here.
  2. Make sure they have some blend of polyester, nylon, spandex. Cotton DOES NOT WICK SWEAT.
  3. They should have some kind of microbial absorbing action- do I need to remind you that socks smell terrible after a good work out?
Age could be a factor here- but honestly, I don't care how old you are- the tall (even crew) sock in black is a no-no. My neighbor (he's in his 90s now, so I will be kind) who lives across the street in Texas was infamous for the white sneaker, tall black socks. Please please please don't be this guy!

So remember, if you're not going to wear the low cut white running sock, black is just as good, if not more trendy! And the reality is, the black sock looks better with a grey athletic shoe, rather than stark white. Show it off, boys!

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