Monday, September 7, 2009

Web Wonders

I do a fair bit of my shopping online (clearly when I'm too busy to get to the mall). Don't get me wrong, I prefer the action of shopping in person, but in a pinch, online shopping allows me to check out what I want ahead of time (or saves me gas in tight economic times).

So, I thought I'd share a few that serve me well when I'm surfing the web:
  • (free shipping and returns- who can beat that?!)
  • (this summer, I bought the best, cheapest sandals! Can only speak to their shoes though...)
  • ($2.95 shipping for everything...I even bought my couch here!)
  • (a great weekly email comes to me combined from my favorite stores with sale alerts)
  • (a TERRIFIC e-newsletter with tips for shoppers!)
  • (I can't say enough about the perfection of their flannel sheets!)
  • (an under-the-radar Texas jeweler whose items are timeless!)
  • (their handcrafted purses are the BEST idea for bridesmaid gifts or a great ladies outing with friends! For stores, you can visit Boston, Chicago, Kansas City or Philadelphia!)
The key to online shopping sites is to look for promotional codes that save in shipping or total discounts. Never complete your order without first doing a Google search for codes! Also, I really love these weekly sale alerts from sites like ShopItToMe- it gives me a chance to look at all of my favorite stores or brands in one fast swoop. Nothing like efficient shopping :)

If you have a favorite site to share- please comment...I'm always open to new ideas!

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  1. I know you are going to think this crazy, but i never thought of looking for promo codes before buying something online. Wow. gracias. Lisa