Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

One of the reasons I moved from the sunny heat of Texas to the winter friendly Northeast was the desire to enjoy actual COLD weather. I love it. But if you talk with me in February or March, I may sing a different tune...I do admit that it lasts so freakin' long here! But if I have to bundle up, then I may as well wear a fashionable coat!

Here's a few thoughts about how to get the right fit for a winter coat, and possibly a great place to find one!
  • Make sure that the shoulder width is appropriate. Nothing worse that too tight so your arms are squeezed into it, or the "football player" effect. Shoulder width should match your own.
  • Fit across the chest needs to be comfortable, but not loose. Also make sure you don't drown in it: the puffer jackets are fun, but often make us look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man! My down jacket (Northface) fits me well across the chest, as well as goes in at the waist (slightly) and then a-lines out a bit. It makes it feel far more feminine.
  • Sleeve length is key. If the length falls too short, it will look funny! And if it's too long, get it tailored! Cuffing a jacket looks sloppy and not as refined.
  • Length of coat is also something to pay attention to: If you are petite, don't get a full length coat that makes you disappear. You want to elongate your body as much as possible, so look for styles that fall no longer than the middle of your thigh. If you're tall, you can wear the full length styles, but again, look for something that would define your waist (either with a belt or a cummerbund style waist) If you're average height, the safe call is one that falls no longer than the top of your knee.
To purchase a well fitting coat means that you establish a brand that you know fits well. But if you're on the look out: I recommend trying your outlet/sale stores. Places like Sierra Trading Post, REI (check out their outlet link) or CitySports.

I also like to check out places like Off-5th (Saks Fifth Avenue's outlet store) or even J Crew outlets have great winter coat options (usually all wool) in spectacular colors.

So as we welcome some colder months here in New England, let's fight this winter thing head on!

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