Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ode to the Travel Gods

I travel a fair bit throughout the year- visiting family, friends, vacationing, or even taking 500 college seniors to the Bahamas. (Yes, my job does require that) See, I've had quite the traveling woes over the years (as have most) with unreliable airlines, ridiculous delays because the ramp that connects the plane to the runway is malfunctioning, or my favorite: when there is weather problems. It never ceases to amaze me how the airlines can find ways to make traveling that much harder.

BUT, one assuring thing is that whenever I do arrive at my final destination, I have a well packed suitcase, complete with outfits that will make me feel good again!

I learned this trick from my mom (she's a rock star about it) whenever I pack: Choose 3 colors to coordinate your travel wardrobe and stick with it! For example, black, white and red (BWR): Bring any variety of clothing (dresses, pants, tops, accessories etc.) that use those colors, and you are assured of a coordinated outfit the whole trip! This way, you avoid bringing the black shoes, brown shoes, etc. that coordinate with just ONE outfit you bring. Instead, you maximize an item's wear, and you always know you have the pieces (with you) that look good together.

Here's a sample of what the BWR travel wardrobe might include (for a 2-3 day trip):
  • Black pants
  • White cotton button-down (wear the one with ruffles!)
  • Red chunky beaded necklace
  • Red flats (remember, Target has these!)
  • Black wrap dress (jersey knit travels well, too)
  • White jeans
  • Black t-shirt (pima cotton for sure!)
  • And for fun...bring that red patent leather purse!
Or the standard classic, a good leather black hobo handbag- it can hold everything including snacks and water for when you're delayed..AGAIN! :)

O, Travel Gods, have mercy on us!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I know you have had many stories of travel disasters -- BUT not when you get there w/ your clothes! I totally learned this tip from your mom too - thank you for the reminder b/c I was sketchy on the details -- three colors. I love the example, too, that you gave. You are so great at this blog thing!