Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Each year, as I decorate for Christmas, I wonder why I don't own a nativity set. Growing up, my parents used to display this porcelain set with brown paint accents (which I think were hand painted by my aunt or grandma). Mom would display it, and I always had a fondness for it. Now that I think about it, I used to have a small set of my own, in frosted glass. I loved that set...wonder what happened to it?

As an adult, I own my own home and decorate with my own select pieces. And it seems like this should be the year the nativity set makes a home with me. I have a few criteria about nativity sets that perhaps I should share:
  • I don't want it to look old fashioned (i.e., like 1950's prayer cards)
  • I want one that is classic enough that if I have kids, they will remember my set
  • It can't take up a lot of space- my home is "petite"
  • It should be tasteful in its use of color (if any- I may be somewhat partial to white or glass)
  • The 3 wise men should be included. I am always drawn to those figurines.
Olive wood is attractive:Crystal or glass catches my eye too:This also appeals to me for wood:
(I have asked Santa, but if he's too busy getting other things, then I shall hunt on my own!)

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  1. I have the third nativity set-- my parents gave it to me for Christmas my first year on my own. The donkey's ear snapped off, somehow, but otherwise... it's just lovely. One of my prized possessions, for sure.