Saturday, December 17, 2011

Boot Lovin'

When you live in New England, you (or is it just me?) accumulate a few pairs of boots. And I admit that I may have a few more than most, but they become an essential part of my wardrobe when the temperatures fall.

I have always struggled a bit with the storage of my boots. It's key that they keep their shape both on and off season, so the inevitable "shove and slump" of my collection starts to wear a bit on them. Especially as I have started to buy better quality, it becomes necessary to find ways to protect them properly to ensure their "price per wear" makes them worthy!

So here's what I discovered, Bed Bath & Beyond makes these handy little boot shapers, that I find to be pretty good. I liked the feature of choosing shapers for short or tall boots, as well as the hanger to utilize closet space. I happen to store them in my walk in attic on a dowel rod :) I bought the white ones, but standard black or hot pink make things a little more exciting!

I also liked the inflatable kind, which are easy to store and keep the shape of the shoe well. I also found a shaper that is essentially a flat piece of plastic (flexible) that you can bend to insert appropriately. Both were at BB&B, but can't seem to find the second online anymore. Sorry!

I also bought cedar lined cloth under-the-bed storage bins to lay the boots inside when it's warm again. Just remember to love your boots year round!

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