Monday, February 14, 2011

Warmth in the Palm of My Hand

I must give credit up front: I did not discover this little treasure on my own. My dear friend A offered up the find!

Mittens keep my hands warmer than gloves. No debate to be had. I have extremely cold hands and feet (even in the summer- ask my mom), and I am constantly having to find warm mittens and socks. I wear them out so quickly, and then when I look to replace them, they are always discontinued or something. (why don't I learn to buy two pairs at once and keep a back up??) My quest for a new pair felt like a part time job.

So when A showed me her mittens, a gift from her mom, I squealed in delight. Of COURSE Isotoner would make terrific knit mittens that FIT (I have small hands and often have to wear youth sizes) and have a great warm microluxe lining that peeps out at the cuff. And my essential feature: the palm patch of leather for grip. They are truly warmth and comfort incarnate.

I'd love to say that I won't have to use them much anymore...but who am I kidding? I live in New England. And for that, I am delighted my quest is over. Now, if the quest for love were only that easy...Happy Valentine's Day to all. :)

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