Monday, September 5, 2011

Manage Your Mint

We all have our favorite methods for managing our "mint"~ finances often bring out the worst in me, but I am committed to making sure I spend and save a little smarter these days.

Here's the trick: I refuse to deny myself shopping trips (after all, where would the blog be??), but I do have to track my monthly intake and outtake with a closer eye for detail. And since I'm already trained for subtleties (fashion is all about that), I was pleased to discover a personal finance software that helps me manage my mint better: (click here to see the overview video) really gave me a comprehensive understanding of all my assets and how I spend. The main page features, especially for visual learners like me, gave me a clear sense of where my money goes and suggests ideas for smarter spending. I also liked that it evaluates my total worth, including my home and car.

Some people may struggle with the security of providing all your personal account information into one site, but I researched the security measures, and it's top notch. While internet security may make us all a little uneasy (identity theft is just too prevalent these days), I rested easy knowing this is a "read only" system, where you cannot move monies. They equate the safety measures to those of banks, and 90% of us utilize online banking sites for personal accounts. Watch this video for their security information to help ease your mind too.

In the end, I'm smart enough to know shopping also involves money management, so be smart shoppers out there and protect your mint through knowledge and organization!

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