Monday, August 29, 2011

So Long, Irene

After talking with my sister, who lived through Hurricane Katrina in 2005- thinking of all of those impacted 6 years ago today- I didn't mess around about hurricane prep. She was very calm, patient, and clear about how I needed to prepare well- not to freak me out, but to say this COULD be bad. And if bad was the name of the game, then I was going to beat Irene!

(N.B. Irene did little to no destruction to little ol' Brighton, MA- but prayers for those who were very much impacted!)

Hurricane Kit 101:
  • Have cash on hand ($100-$150 recommended....banks could shut down)
  • Fill up that tank of gas (even if you aren't driving, use the power to charge your cell phone!)
  • Buy water (don't go crazy- 1 case per person is fine)
  • Flashlights & batteries
  • Non-perishable food/snacks (think protein to fill you up, don't just get carbs)
  • Have a First Aid kit handy
  • Bring valuable documents in a waterproof folder w/ you
Needless to say, much of this probably was common sense, but since it's STILL hurricane season, I'll keep this list handy in case Tropical Storm Jose blows up to something noteworthy!

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  1. Hey Maria... thanks for the tips, Irene was pretty bad down here in DC, had a couple trees down in the neighborhood and as a Boston kid, had no idea what to do with an earthquake and hurricane in one week. Hope all is well