Saturday, July 23, 2011

One for One

I know I have posted a lot about shoes, but I discovered something fun in my latest shopping trip to Nordstrom (it's their anniversary sale, people- shop now for fall preview until August 1st!). My sister and I were strolling the shoe department (it was a hot Texas day, what more could we do?) and I came across these:

Very cute, basic canvas wedges with the espadrille look- reasonable price, very comfortable on. They are made by TOMS, but honestly, I don't care for their traditional flats (some people adore them- to each, her own). BUT, the wedge is great for summer w/ the peep toe. In any case, the more I researched about TOMS, I found out they do a "One for One" campaign with every shoe they sell...they match every shoe sold with a shoe provided for a child in need. How great is that?

I can appreciate when a company finds an avenue to give back- and it gives me a chance to contribute in a way larger than just feeding the economy. Job well done, TOMS!