Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moms Need These...

While I may not be a mom, I must say, I have plenty of friends who are. I most recently visited some of my closest friends in Texas, who are all amazing moms...watching them inspired me! So, when I received this little token, I immediately thought of them!

So, evidently, this is Mom's Summer Essentials for Kids (guess it depends on how old your little one is, but still...I love the idea). The list is 19 items long, but here's my favorite 3 since they look fun and necessary!

1. The 5 piece garden tool set: the colors alone look fun and engaging, but then what a great way to get kids interested in the yard!

2. The printed I really need to explain to you my love for Boden (Mini Boden shown here)?

3. Chuck Taylor for KIDS! While I can fully appreciate the kids' Crocs, I do kind of like these: easy slip on, canvas, neutral colors...looks like a great item overall.

Enjoy, mom readers- I know summer is nearly over (yikes!) but let your kids savor these last few weeks and grab your essentials!

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  1. Cute! Emory loves to help me water our yard; I need to get her some cool tools, too. And the chuck taylors are essential, we have a pair for the fall, assuming em's chubby piggies will fit them one day :) *So good seeing you Maria!!