Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did Someone Say FREE?

Fear not, my dear readers, I haven't abandoned giving my two cents. Life just gets way too busy, and never enough hours in the day. (deep sigh) So, let's get onto the good stuff!

I have been sorting through a host of ideas for blog entries (I have also recently been taking requests...I do love when readers ask questions- so ask away!). In my search for a new bathing suit (I start early so it won't be depressing during warm weather), I came across this fabulous new little tidbit from L.L.Bean. FREE SHIPPING. ALL THE TIME. NO END DATE.

That's it. Anything you buy, shipped free. No promotional codes, no special weekend deals. And somehow this struck me b/c I am a BIG online shopper, and sometimes the difference between buying something online or in the store is the cost of shipping. Do you watch the rates? Some websites increase shipping rates based on the total value of what you buy (the more you purchase, the more expensive to ship). Some have flat rates ( $2.95, or Gap, Inc. $7). Or then you get the occasional "free shipping" weekend deals. It's unpredictable.

Then L.L.Bean shakes it all up by saying, NO more. I love it. With the cost of gas these days (honestly, someone needs to get a handle on the oil crisis), I'll take free deals wherever I can. And you should, too.

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  1. true confession--took advantage of the free shipping to order a shower curtain :)