Friday, February 12, 2010

Canvas Chic

I've been a lover of Lands' End over L.L.Bean for years. I find their clothing to fit a woman's body better (they established 3 different fits per body type), more fashionable color palettes and patterns, and as you know, their quality (especially in cashmere) is spot on!

I recently came across a new line of theirs called Lands' End Canvas, which is a cross between 1990's Banana Republic (remember when it was clothing you'd wear for an African safari?) and the nautical style of Ralph Lauren. Lots of khaki, pale pink, crisp whites, and navy- all perfect tones for embracing spring. (whenever spring hits for us...sounds like EVERYONE is dealing with crazy snow storms lately!)

Here's a couple of my favorite pieces from this new line: (and gents, there's a men's line, too!)

Shift Dress: Love the two tone, one piece. Both navy and khaki are classic and comfortable.
Pattern Poplin Skirt: Adore the grey circles, which remind me of a seaport town on a warm summer day.

This discovery just makes me happy- even if it's not all that "unique" (reminds me of elements of Gap, JCrew, etc.), but there is definitely something effortless about this line that makes me want to click "add to cart"!


  1. and yay for their (usually at least) free shipping and returns to sears :) thanks for the heads up!