Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleighbells Ring, Are You Listenin' ?

Clearly it's been a busy holiday season since I haven't had a moment to blog since Thanksgiving!
Hopefully some of my previous posts served you well as you ventured out to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the season for sparkle...or as some of my co-workers like to say know what I mean- sequins, crystals, glitter,'s all in the category of shimmeration. And folks, this is the time of year to wear it with pride!

My friend Crista is having a little holiday gathering this weekend, and I loved that her evite included an invitation to wear sparkle! Seriously, if not at the holidays, when else can you wear such fun, festive attire without feeling like a total fool? So, I'd like to give a shout out to the shimmeration attire of the world, and encourage us all to pull out those "over the top" pieces- whether clothing, accessories, shoes, whatever!- and sparkle with pride.

Here's a few of my favorite sparklers of the season:
The Sequin Sparkle Tank: I bought this in the camel color (which may no longer be available) but it's the perfect combination of sparkle and conservative fit.
The Sequin Tiered Ruffle Tank: I love that this has both the combination of ruffle and subtle sequins...and for under $50, not a bad deal.
Sequin Scarf Cardigan: I adore how the cardigan has this built in shimmeration around the collar that imitates a scarf- and it's so soft and cuddly. Worth the splurge!
Crystal Supernova Bracelet: Can you get more sensational than something named a "Crystal Supernova"?? So lovely...
Stormy Sea Necklace: I saw a woman try this on in the dark yellow with a grey lace dress, and it looked AMAZING on. Something about the way the stones pick up the skin's natural pink undertones. Really really pretty.
Glam Leaf Earrings: Do you need any other reason to feel glamorous for the holidays? And on SALE!

Shine on, my friends!

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  1. Oh how I wish I wasn't 7 1/2 mo. prego b/c there are some CUTE sweaters out there with sparkle on them! I spotted one at Express in the window when I went to the mall (my ONE time of going to the mall this season). Well, I'll just have to wear my "dyyyyyiamonds" for xmas! Thanks for all the tips. Lisa