Monday, December 21, 2009

couches, tables and chairs, oh my!

Thanks to a tip from a faithful reader, I was informed that January (and August) boast some stellar sales in the furniture stores.

Apparently this is a prime time to change stock for the newest season, so if you're looking for a new chair, an ottoman for that chair, tables, couches...wait until January, and watch the sales. They promise to be discounted anywhere from 30-50% off- which helps after you've just emptied your wallet at the holidays!

Also, pay attention to those "pay as you go" deals- if you're making a big ticket purchase, they can be helpful, but watch the interest rates. Lots of dealers will offer 0% APR in the new year, but make sure it's not for a limited time (like 6 months) which expires and then you're paying crazy high rates once the 6 months are up.

I've recently been browsing Ballard Designs' website: great combinations of classic styles with some interesting patterns. Maybe it's time I invest in my favorite pieces of furniture...

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