Monday, April 21, 2014

Travelin' Bug

Back from my blogging hiatus!  I decided to cut back on shopping for Lent (it was a long 40 days!) and it didn't seem right to blog about shopping when I was supposed to be focused on other Divine matters :)  In any case, I'm back- and I have the travelin' bug!

As the academic year wraps up for me soon, I am ready to plan my summer vacations.  My mom and sister are headed to Beantown in May so we'll have a little jaunt here together, but I'm already dreaming of possible travels to the west....Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Park City...maybe I'll finally get to Yellowstone this year.  But before that, I realized I needed a new weekender bag.  I've had my floral-y Vera Bradley for far too long (no offense to the lovers out there) and it feels a bit too youthful to use.  So, I discovered this little beauty from Lo & Sons: the Catalina.

I am moderately obsessed with it (I got the thistle color, which is a very distressed, warm purple color).  I LOVE the bottom compartment to hold shoes.  That was the selling point for me, and it opens to hold a ridiculous amount...I can see a 4-5 day trip in here. 

In my mind, there is nothing better than a bag that FEELS like vacation- and while these pics perhaps bring you to a winter cottage in Vermont rather than a warm sandy Florida beach, I still can't wait to use it!  Here's to summer travels soon :)

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