Monday, September 23, 2013

Bargain Boots

Those who know me best often comment on my boot collection.  I happen to see it as a perk of living in the northeast where it's cold 9 months of the year :)    In fact, when my friend B's son came by with her over the summer, and he happened to catch a glimpse into my storage closet off my bedroom.  His first comment..."You have a lot of boots." :)  The boy is right indeed!  But I am also all for practicality- they are warm and look great with tights and dresses.

I'm enjoying the short boot trend this Fall though- not necessarily practical for warmth, but super stylish and fun for a new season.  Here's a few great steals (under $50) that definitely could spark up an outfit:

 Just picked these up over the weekend- love the olive green!
Target: Merona $34.99
I very much enjoy the ruching at the top.
Target- Sam & Libby $39.99
Navy suede is adorable for the season!
Crown Vintage Wendy: $49.95
These look great with skinny jeans slightly rolled up above the boot
or a cropped pant that falls one to two inches above the boot!  Have fun!

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