Sunday, January 13, 2013

Through the Looking Glass

I am recently obsessed with Downton Abbey (thanks, Mom and CJ)- and a recent episode had a great one liner from the Dowager Countess of Grantham which inspired today's post...  "Have we all stepped through the Looking Glass?" (I always loved Alice in Wonderland)  I digress.  Onto fashion.

I am noticing a great trend as all the Spring 2013 catalogs arrived...the windowpane check!  Gents have benefited more from this great pattern than us ladies, so I am happy we are sharing the wealth a bit more.  Graphic prints look to be big so stick with the classic combos of navy/white or black/white for versatility.

I'm liking this with the wide belt.  I would even swap it out for a solid color to add pizazz!
Banana Republic Graphic Pencil Skirt $89.50
The boys get all the classic.
Banana Republic Slim Fit Non-Iron (on sale)
I so wish I had somewhere to wear this!
JCrew sequin shift $495.00
 I am kind of liking the yellow one... $40.06
God, I love Kate Spade.
Carolina Top $248.00
 So while you will still see lots of stripes and polka dots this spring, venture into fresh territory with the windowpane check.  I think you'll like what you see :)

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