Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lucky 13

Some people fear 13.  Hotels sometimes avoid building a 13th floor because of the superstition tied to the number.  Or we dread Friday the 13th because of Freddy Krueger (am I dating myself?).  Well, not this girl, I'm a proud, card carrying lucky 13 lover.  I bet on Black 13 at roulette; I always play 13 in the lottery...all because I was born on the 13th, so perhaps the stars aligned a bit for me :)

So in this year of 2013, I'm thinking this could be a good one for me (and for you!).  And since I have been totally checked out since before the holidays, I am due a good, useful post.

13 fashion risks to take (for the ladies)

  1. Wear emerald green!  (Do I need to remind you it's the Pantone Color of the Year?)
  2. Pair patterns: stripes with animal print, polka dots with floral...you get the gist.  It may feel bold, but remember complementary tones help make it more cohesive.
  3. Don't be afraid to wear navy blue and black together- it's very European, Downton Abbey-esque. :)
  4. Invest in a new leather handbag.  Save your $40-50 you spend on 3 or 4 random bags- just bite the bullet and own a good quality, real leather bag (sorry animal rights, folks).  Black or brown- your call, but you will use it until it dies (which can be over 20 years!)  
  5. For goodness sake, you can wear gold and silver together!  It looks classy and can be fun when you stack bracelets or rings.
  6. When you find a pair of jeans (preferably that FIT WELL), buy two.  I know it hurts to shell out that kind of money at once, but you won't regret having a back up.  
  7. Try out those gel (shellac) manicures!  Holy Moses, they last forever and my nails finally do not split.  It's worth every penny. I'm considering Sally Hansen's home kit...
  8. Change your hairstyle.  I'm not suggesting radical- but maybe tweak the color, shape it up, cut side swept bangs...you'll be amazed how refreshed you feel.
  9. Take care of your natural fibers.  I will spare you my sob stories of moths eating my favorite sweaters, scarves, GLOVES (ugh), so go out and buy cedar planks/balls for your closet.  Immediately.  I am a fan of this wool/cashmere spray for the in-between times!
  10. January is a great time to clean out closets- I just donated 8 dresses from what I call "the wedding years" (lots of good friends who got married).  I am not wearing them, and it's taking up valuable real estate in my Boston sized closets.
  11. Wear red lipstick.  I don't pretend to believe make-up is my forte, but find the shade that looks right on you, and wear it with abandon.  For this redhead, Mac's Lady Bug is a special pop of color.
  12. Wear a chandelier earring during the day- it is a special way to draw attention to your face!
  13. I think this is the most simple thing- but a smile increases your face value!  So smile more (and for goodness sake, use the Crest Whitestrips to aid the impact!).

Happiest of New Years to you, my friends!

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