Saturday, October 13, 2012

two hundred and fifty for fun

Last week's post was fun thinking about how I'd spend $100 for fall.  As promised, this week, I'm spending a little more, with an eye on slightly different items. Hmmmm...$250...could be a car payment, could be your heating bill (not yet I hope!), or could be a few fabulous items to round out the season.  Here goes!

The All Weather Jacket
(with flair! Love the olive green and skirted bottom)
Athleta's Shelter Cove Jacket $164

The Cashmere Boot Sock
(Oh. My. Goodness.)
Garnet Hill $28

Fleece Lined Leggings!
(there is nothing I love more)
Anthropologie $18

The Perfect Layer
(I would buy this in every color, but in this case white too!)
Gap Pure Body Long Sleeve T $19.95 (x2)
So many good things to choose from, but I couldn't live without the last 3 items, and that jacket just screams feminine and functional.  Now, off to play the lottery to win my $250 :)

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