Monday, September 24, 2012

Peter Pan Perfection

I had a fondness for Peter Pan when I was a child.  Something whimsy and magical about the boy who flies and Tinkerbell the fairy...not to mention the action adventure to Never Neverland...such a classic tale.

So it's no wonder I have found myself attracted to the fall trend of using the Peter Pan collar in fashion!  It's sweet and cute, very dainty and detailed, but not over the top, which appeals to me.
Here's a few of my favorites from some staple retailers:

I love how simple this is with jeans!
Kate Spade Jensen Top

Of course there is a great version at H&M!
H&M Collar Top

I like how the collar is toned down by using black and navy together.
JCrew Peter Pan Collar Tee

I couldn't resist picking the staple kelly green option! LOVE this.
Boden Peter Pan Top
So on those days when you just want a little more childlike wonder in your life where you can fly and never age, wouldn't wearing this style bring you such joy? :)

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