Monday, February 6, 2012

Color Blocking Me Out

Somehow, I am old enough to remember when color blocking came around the first time. (Shoot, when did that happen??) For my friends who remember "units"- which were these terrible knit one piece jumpers that had multicolored knit belts to mix and match over them. I have this faint memory of thinking they were cool...apparently I blocked it out :) Do you remember??

My how times don't change. Except this time around, color blocking is far more practical, and not just in knit (gasp). It's showing up in clothing, accessories and purses. I happen to love the idea of color blocking in shoes. Most recently I coveted these from Anthropologie (but not sure I wanted to pay $138). Online has the yellow ones too.

So maybe it's time I turn back the clock, embrace my blocked out memories and color away!


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  2. They might not have been cute, but they were sooo comfortable. In the same vein...I'm looking forward to overalls coming back in style!!!