Sunday, November 27, 2011

To regift? Or not to regift?

I have been the recipient of my own gift twice in my lifetime. I'll never tell who or what (it's embarrassing when you've been caught!), but it happens. And to me, I find it humorous. Has that ever happened to you??

So, you just shopped your little heart out on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. And now we are upon the holiday shopping season in full force! But what if you received a gift, while super thoughtful and kind, just never was used? Or perhaps, isn't really something you care to keep?

I hate to admit it, but it happens. I once remember receiving something from a very special someone and thought to myself, "Really? You picked this out for me? I'll never use this." But immediately thought of someone ELSE who would enjoy it. So is it wrong to regift?
I'll simply say that it's become enough of a topic for National Regifting Day to exist on Thursday, December 15th. (I'm serious!) The idea around this day is that the 3rd Thursday of the month is often used for an office holiday party, and evidently 41% of us target coworkers for regifting.

What made me laugh even more is that MY OWN OFFICE is actually hosting a divisional holiday party this day! So, there's truth to it after all :) So maybe we should all regift with more courage and confidence (the recyclers of the world are cheering now!).

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  1. Now, as a mom, i would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE if it was more culturally acceptable to regift. kids grow out of things so quickly, they move on to other toys, and they love giving stuff to kiddos. oh and don't mention all the bday parties. i wish, too, that it was OK to give someone something you have b/c you know they'd love it. i have a reeeeeeally hard time w/ gift giving when i'm "forced" (ie just b/c it's a holiday).