Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smart (phone) Shopping

I'll be the first to admit I can no longer live without my iPhone. Apple successfully brainwashed me into thinking my whole world must live in the palm of my hands. And in fact, when I upgraded to the new iOS5 software, I had several hours of trepidation when my contacts went suspiciously missing...but I digress...

Google, like all things Apple, are also ruling the world. And in my weekly reading on trends in fashion, shopping, etc. I came across the Google wallet concept (although a part of me remembers reading about this months ago...perhaps my "blogger" hat wasn't on at the time). In any case, let's share what this is all about:

You've seen those hand held devices some restaurants are using to allow servers to swipe a credit card in front of the consumer (to help address identity theft when a server takes your card out of your sight, perhaps copies the number, then brings it back to you). Well, in some ways, Google wallet goes one more step: Follow along...

Google made a mobile app where you can have your credit card info stored (secure? yes- but I understand your hesitation), and then at select locations where Google wallet is accepted, you simply tap your phone on the reader in the store, which then receives your credit card info to quickly pay for the item(s) of choice. Here's the trick, presently the app only supports two forms of cards: Citi Mastercard credit card or the Google prepaid card. And how do you know where you can use this little trick: check out the location search.

Ultimately, I'm thinking ahead a bit when it may support other major credit cards (I don't have a Citi MC) because imagine Black Friday shopping when all you have to do it tap a reader and be on your way...lines at the checkout vanish!

So, friends, as you venture out to do some shopping this week (don't forget Small Business Saturday!), may you also pause for a moment of gratitude for all you've been given. Even this little consumer appreciates the bigger picture-with my iPhone in hand of course. :)

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