Friday, May 27, 2011

Soludos: A Summer Solution!

A few weeks ago, my friend B, introduced me to a lovely summer shoe that I have officially fallen for! When your tootsies need a much needed break from the flip flop rub (ahhh, blisters at the beginning are rough), the solution will be clear: Soludos.

I've seen them in a variety of places, somewhat scoffing at them for looking so flimsy and in part like I am trying too hard to appear that I live along the beaches in the Mediterranean. But I thought the slightly nautical look to some of the styles was cute enough for a try.

B got hers in red (one of my favorites), but I opted for the light blue seersucker print. Here's a few things I learned about these little treasures from their website:
  • They have a natural, eco-friendly espadrille bottom (rubber soled to protect against wetness) that are soft and flexible for easy movement. Although, they suggest to keep these in the dry summer sun, rainstorms may cause some damage!
  • They have a terrific light, breathable fabric which stretches to fit your foot. The website recommends buying them to FIT, so as a size 7.5, I ordered the 7 (38), which was perfect.
  • And as B commented, they are a terrific alternative to ballet flats for the summer!
And for you language lovers, I wanted to know where the name came from...
Combining the clink of a glass ‘Salud’ and the heat of the sun ‘sol’, Soludos was born.
What a summer solution!


  1. Hey, the pictures are not loading at the moment but by reading your review it sounds like a pair that I use to wear a few years back. Mind uploading new ones so I could be sure? Thanks. Michelle.

  2. Hi Michelle, here's the new picture- sorry for the problem loading the former one!