Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inspired by N

It is no secret my love for fashion is in the jeans (ahem, I mean genes). And in honor of Mother's Day 2011, I shall share 3 things my mom taught me about fashion that perhaps you, too, can appreciate:

1) Stick with what works: Mom is a classic dresser through and through. She uses elements of the latest trends, but rarely does she stray from what she knows looks good on her: color around her face (she favors olive green to pick up her eyes), skirts over pants (pants are hard on short legged ladies), and anything nautical (the woman simply can't get enough of it). Know your things that work, and STAY.

This is right up her alley from Boden

2) Always get dressed: From when I was a child, my mom always got dressed. And I mean, she wouldn't take care of her children, run errands, volunteer, etc. in sweatpants and a t-shirt. She made it a point as a homemaker to always get dressed in something she liked (again, the skirts). She would say that it made her feel better and ready for the day. To this day, a mom of three grown children, she's still holding strong.

I fancy this one for her.

3) Dress age appropriate: She's big on this. My mom is blessed with a good figure and strong fashion sense, but you won't find her trying to look like she's in her 30s. She embraces her age, and likewise is attentive to her clothing fitting appropriately, falling long enough, or highlighting her best assets (her arms are quite good). I have NEVER have walked in someplace embarrassed of something she's wearing- in fact, I'm usually quite proud :)

She would like these, but would want them slightly less high. GREAT color combo.

Happy Mother's Day, momma- you inspire me!


  1. This is so very true of mama D. She always looks great whether it is a social outing or a casual day at home. I hope that I too will always "get dressed" for the day.

  2. I love this post, what a nice tribute to N and I, too, want to follow her lead and 'get dressed' for the day. Thanks for sharing. Happy mothers day, N!

  3. So true! What a great inspiration and model you have! :)