Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Ho Hope

'Tis the Season.
Happy Holidays.
Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Shopping at the holidays is a favorite of mine. I love the hustle and bustle of busy malls. I enjoy the holiday decor. I crave the smell of pine and winter berry. It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, there's gift giving, parties, gatherings among families and friends. My childhood friends gather annually for our "midnight madness" which in our younger days, was a fabulous breakfast at midnight where we swapped gifts and played games together. As we aged a bit, we moved it to our "Christmas brunch" in the morning. But the tradition stayed the same: good women, celebrating life and Jesus' birthday.

But this year, my holidays have taken a bit of a twist- and with a new perspective on what's really valuable, I have noticed my gift giving also changed. I shopped this year with a little more attention to why I was shopping for people. And it boiled down to one word: Hope. That was the gift I received this year, and somehow wanted to pay that back to the many who love me.

So, while I can't give you a link to buy HOPE, per se- but this little treasure (which I both gave and received recently, thanks Allie!) reminds me to keep my head up and smile.

Pottery Barn's "Hello Gorgeous!" pocket mirror

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  1. You're welcome, my friend! Hope it continues to brighten your day :)