Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady Liberty

I know, you could see this blog coming from a mile away, right?

I would be amiss if I didn't write about Target's newly launched designer Liberty of London. What a festive and playful line of clothing, shoes, home accessories, and furniture! It definitely has a 1970s vibe, slightly "hippy" like, but an incredibly appealing use of color and design. Here's their iconic pattern called "Sixty":
When I ventured into Target the day of it's launch (March 14th), I couldn't BELIEVE how sparse the shelves already were. It was evident people were anticipating the arrival, as merchandise is already sold out on line and definitely limited in the stores. People, this is BIG! I happened on this large tapered bin that is pleasantly holding all of my throw blankets!

It's worth mentioning there are five different patterns (not just the one above) in the various merchandise. Rich with pink, blue, purple or teal tones, my guess is you will find one to adore. I'm liberated just thinking of it all :)


  1. oh my gosh, I LOVe this stuff. Hello, I had no idea. That's why i rely on you! And if you look online, everything is out of stock!

  2. maria i've been to 4 targets stalking the liberty of london prints! i love them!! of course everything online is sold out, but i did manage to find a couple of dresses, flip flops and some adorable note cards amidst my treasure hunt... also received 2 precious baby dresses from a sweet friend... going back for a tie for troy & some gardening gloves this week, thanks for posting! :)