Thursday, June 9, 2016

Snazzy Sneakers

Happy June, friends.  I have been swamped with an assortment activities at work and my blogging really took a step back (sorry about that!), but rest assured there have been lots of ideas swimming in my mind for posts!  I do love and enjoy summer so much in New England.  And while the weather (everywhere lately) has been a little wacky, I am working hard to get my summer wardrobe in place, including shoes.  I've often talked about the challenge of shoe shopping for me (just don't have a standard size foot!), so I usually don't love the process.  But I have been committed to trying lots of different styles and brands, in the hope to find some good staples to keep around.

This summer, I am embracing the white sneaker.  I have seen so many fun posts on Instagram and in the stores of the summer dress coupled with a cute white sneaker.  So I decided I'm going for it!

Am I too old to wear Converse again? Nah. 
Low Top Chuck Taylor $49.50
  The Italians know what they are doing with shoes.
Superga Cotu Sneaker $64.95
Love the navy accent stripe!
Mossimo Layla $12.74 (on sale!)
Such a clean, simple look.  Love.
Mossimo Lenia $14.99 (on sale!)
Super excited to try a pair soon with this dress!  Happy hunting!

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