Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello, Hi-Low!

Well, hello, Hi-Low!  Welcome to summer 2013 where the gradually arched hemline can be really beautiful on the right pieces.  So maybe this is the season to experiment with a fun trend!  I tend to think the more dramatic the high/low (i.e., super super short in the front, much longer in the back), the more unflattering the look (or maybe just too youthful?).  When the hemline shows a more moderate change, it looks classy and casual. What do you think?

This kelly green is just perfect for summer!
Ann Taylor Seabreeze skirt $118
Love love love the blue!
Suzi Chin at Nordstrom $138

I enjoy this tie dye look- would be perfect for the beach!
Forever21 $19.80
Whatever your preference, make sure that you are wearing it proportionate to your height.  For the shorter ladies (5'4 or less) make sure the hemline isn't too disparate and the front length hits slightly above the knee (the green skirt above is for those long legged beauties).  For those of us middle of the road gals (5'5-5'7), the moderate hemline change is best, and for the taller gals (over 5'8) you can show a little more leg with a shorter front, longer back. When you have the leg length to carry off the longer back, it can look quite pretty. Just be careful to stay age appropriate with the front length. 

And the pre-Fall fashion shows are still showing the hemline, so don't worry- it won't go out of style that quickly :)

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