Saturday, July 7, 2012


I may have been a fool to venture south in July, but a recent trip to New Orleans reminded me why I do love The Big, friends, food, and let's not forget the 4th "f"- FASHION!

It's hard to turn a corner in NOLA and not see the iconic fleur de lis everywhere...and I must say, it grew on me.  The french/creole influences remind me of my college days there, and I soaked up time with my blood sister and sorority sisters too :)  A few favorites from my shopping travels:

L bought these for her "rainy" (aka messy) days of Mardi Gras!  Love the pattern. 

As a "token" of my appreciation for L's hospitality, she received one of these.

This was a fun addition to my kitchen towel collection.

My house smells amazing as I burn "garden district."

I so enjoyed my time with my family, seeing old friends (miss you K and S!), eating fabulous food (you really should check out The Broken Egg Cafe in Mandeville- yum-o! My sister knows the couple who owns it)  and reacquainting myself with heat and humidity!  Until next time, N'awlins :)

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