Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short + Skirt = ?

The Skort.

This little invention confuses me sometimes.  I have a strong affinity for skirts over shorts.  I only own my obligatory 3 pairs of shorts- khaki, black and denim.  And I definitely didn't spend big $$ on them.  So then, there's the skort- the biker short underneath the skirt.  Mulit-functional.  Kind of cute.  And strikes me strange every time.  I guess I get stumped with the two in's like, choose one already!

When I see skorts, I think of my niece- wearing her cute little khaki skort as a school uniform, with her long and lean tan legs popping out.  Clearly she looks adorable in them.

Or there's my mom- with her great legs b/c of a firm commitment to walking- as she wears her Lands' End skorts to exercise and bop around in her garden.

Or my friend, B, who came by yesterday to give her two cents on a recent dress I purchased.  She was sporting an adorable Lululemon Athletica skort w/ a cute back pleat.

So I decided I would pull out the one skort I own from Target (I know, I know) which is actually pretty comfortable to exercise in.  What do you think?

Skirt? Short? Skort?  I'm with you.

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