Monday, November 15, 2010

Deluxe Luxury

I was reading in my recent JCrew catalog about a very creative (however pricey) gift idea- and well, it was worth sharing...

Everyone knows there's "wine of the month" or "flowers of the month" clubs.
Personally, I always thought that was a bit overkill, but I appreciated the idea of getting something new each month for a year. Well, JCrew has taken it to a new level (and apparently been doing this for a couple years, where was I??):

For the ladies:
Cashmere of the Month: yes, you literally get a new Italian cashmere sweater monthly (remember, even in summer months, cashmere is fabulous) and for a mere $1800, you too can receive this! This breaks down to $150 a month.
Jewelry of the Month: (featured in the catalog, $850)
Shoe of the Month: (featured in the catalog, $1800) J. Crew’s stylists pick the shoes, so every month is a surprise; the styles are always from the most current catalog; and you can choose between flats or heels or a mix of both. You can exchange shoes for a different size, but you can't go back on your choice.

For the gents:
Tie of the Month: (featured in the catalog, $550)
Shirt of the Month : I can't imagine giving a better gift to a special fella, especially if he's like my brother or cousin who literally wear shirt and ties daily. For $695, may be totally worth it- that's $58 a month.

The money is one thing (clearly), but I absolutely love this idea. It's creative and useful.
If you're interested, the web instructs you to email or call 866.739.5944.

That's deluxe at it's best!


  1. What a great idea!!!!!

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